And Just Like That… I Am Feeling Happy Again

Nothing really changed yet, but I am happier.

Leopard Lady
3 min readFeb 4, 2022


Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

I am not a woman of faith, but I am a woman of hope. I just wrote yesterday that I am a negative person, but from time to time, I feel hope. And then I can dream of a better future.

I have been watching the new series “And Just Like That”, and as bad as it can be, I will keep watching because I am a loyal fan (I am already waiting for Season 2, call me stupid, call me unintelligent, call me whatever… I don’t care). I have watched and rewatched Sex and The City multiple times. Whatever floats your boat.

In the beginner of “And Just Like That”, Carrie is dealing with deep sadness, and at the end of the series, there is hope for better days, maybe even falling in love again (and in her case suffering again, poor Carrie). In my life, I started the year literally in panic and without any hope that this was going to be a good year because I knew that it dependents most of me to make this year good or bad, and I didn’t have the strength even to start it. But now, things are taking a bit of a shape and a shape I am happy with.

To start, I joined the gym, and I have already lost some of the extra weight I have been caring for the last months. I am happy that my body is responding to my efforts. Thank you, body. I am also eating much less than I was before. Because honestly, I was overeating. I didn’t even notice that I was eating a lot, but I didn’t feel hungry anymore, like ever. I was always full (good times). I know I could do more at the gym, but I prefer slow and steady.

Then, things have changed a lot at my full-time job, but now I know what I need to do. Before, I needed to be creative at my job, but not anymore. I am not writing anymore, I am doing more content planning and optimisation, which involves more spreadsheets, but now I can use my creativity for my life. I’m not too fond of changes, and after taking a couple of days off from here, I came back to see a new layout (which I didn’t like). I have a big goal to achieve this year here, and I know that I need to write every day no matter how I feel. And no matter if people are reading or not.

I also started a Youtube Channel, which I am not sharing for now, but if you find it, please subscribe…