Living In The Brazilian Slums Is Not Cool.

It’s only cool if you are playing to be poor, and that is not actually your reality.

Leopard Lady
3 min readFeb 14, 2022
Photo by william f. santos on Unsplash

I feel that in my 30s, I am living a much boring life because I had lived a lot in my 20s (and my heart and head cannot deal with more stress). Actually, I prefer boring, because it means less drama and tears. However, I love experiencing new things (but I love comfort more).

In my 20s, I had a boyfriend from Mozambique that wanted to live the “real Brazilian life”. His father was one of the biggest names in Africa’s cinema industry, so they had money, but he wanted to live in a Brazilian Slum, and he did. And I used to visit him there.

My mother was a social worker, so visiting slums wasn’t something new in my life because my mother used to take me to her work, usually when they had parties at non-Governmental organisations there. Her job was to supervise these organisations to see if they were doing a good job because although they aren’t public, they do receive public money. But it’s different when you go to a party in a slum from when you experience it during a typical day.

Slums are noisy and dirty, even if your house there is quiet and clean. Most of it doesn’t have streets, so you are walking up and down narrow paths full of trash. And the noise, you…