Not Even The Riches Can Afford Their Dream Houses In London

Because money is still very personal and we never know how much money someone exactly has.

Leopard Lady
3 min readOct 8, 2021


Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

In a recent interview with Vogue, for both American and British November Editions, Adele said that she needed to move out of London because she couldn’t afford in the British capital the same housing situation she has in LA.

We would imagine that when you are Adele, one of the most successful singers in history, you can afford anything you want, but apparently, she can’t. London is expensive, even for the riches.

In LA, Adele owns a Beverly Hills real estate portfolio worth more than 30 million dollars. This in pounds is around 22 million.

She bought her first house in LA in 2016 for around 9.5 million dollars (approximately 7 million pounds). She wanted the space she couldn’t afford in London.

She bought her second house in LA in 2019 for around 10.65 million dollars (approximately 7.8 million pounds). It’s believed that this house she purchased for her ex-husband to live close to their son.

She bought her third house in LA in 2021 for around 10 million dollars (approximately 7.3 million pounds). And this one, I am assuming she purchased for her son, as an investment. The house was owned by her next-door neighbour Nicole Richie.

In the interview, she says:

“The kind of house I have in LA, I could never afford in London. Ever. I looked at houses. It’s like hundreds of millions of pounds. I don’t have that much money at all. I’d throw up.”

Well, I did a quick search, and her houses in LA are around 6,000 squares feet, the same type of houses in London is about 10 million pounds, but she is right there aren’t as protected as her houses in LA, and I guess she can have more privacy there than in London. I am sure British paparazzi are much worse than American ones.

Still, I doubted that she couldn’t afford the same housing situation in LA, in London. I am sure she can. If we only consider the house prices in London and how much she…