There Is Nothing Wrong With Living An Ordinary Life

Because life happens in small bits.

Leopard Lady
4 min readDec 2, 2021


Photo by Alex Alvarez on Unsplash

I am sure you probably feel the same way: you want to live a big life. At the end of the day, we all want to live big lives. But most of us never will. Deep down, as human beings, we all want our names to be remembered when we die. We want to be on a magazine cover for the whole world to see that we exist and are important.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this article: Are We All Afraid Of Being Irrelevant? And today, I was listening to the Happy Place podcast with Brené Brown, who was saying that in her 30s, she felt afraid of living a little life, but throughout her research, she found out that what most people miss when they need to deal with a significant trauma is an ordinary day.

They don’t think about all the big things that they once wanted to accomplish, they think about the small daily things in their lives that they now have lost.

I love this idea of ordinary days because there is so much power in living one day at a time with intention. I wrote before about this on The Power of Consistency: How To Change Your Life in One Day (Or One Day at The Time) and on Why Living One Day at A Time Is Not Enough.

In the first article, I talk about how powerful having consistency is in your life to promote change. If you want to achieve something in your life that you couldn’t do before, trying to get this done every day in small chunks can get you there. Doing the same thing every single day can change your life. For example, in my life, I have my daily walking goals to keep me active, to walk 10,000 steps per day and my daily writing goals to keep me creative, to write at least 500 words per day.

In the second article, I talk about how being present is not the only thing you need to have a good day, that we also need to add joy to our lives, and joy can come with different things such as: spending money to treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee/tea while you are going for your daily walk, or a new notebook and pen to write down your articles ideas. In addition, we can’t spend all the time inside our homes or alone. We need a balance by being out in…